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Writing Is Pooping

You feel light after writing. You feel relieved after ranting about something that’s been hogging on your grey cells the entire day or more. Hence, writing is like pooping. Waste within you goes out. If you don’t write then you feel intellectually constipated. And much like bowel constipation, intellectual constipation is chronic and painful. Please forgive the gross but fitting comparison. Now if you would care to read further, this piece is a very contemplative, non-joking affair. Continue reading “Writing Is Pooping”


Not knowing their purpose, our actions are repeated.

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The Arabic Menu

So I was strolling down the road, in my hand I had a restaurant’s menu written in Arabic language. Someone had slipped it under the door to my house and I found it lying on the floor when I got back home. I was on the way to a pharmacy to buy some medicines for my roommate who was having a really bad headache. We’d eaten pizzas an hour before and I could hear him throwing up in the bathroom. So I thought I’d go buy some real dinner and get pills for this guy’s headache.

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