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Complete Your Lies

All of nature’s delights cannot provide the gentle calm of a lover’s embrace. There has never existed a simpler gesture which is more emphatic than a hug. There has also never existed a void larger than the distance between two estranged lovers. Try reaching someone who sits right next to you and is miles away at the same time. It may take no more than a swift swipe of fate to chop a whole into halves.

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Never Leave Me Alone

don’t hAte me, love

i get by on mine oWn

or addle my brAins for

bliGhting your heArt.

Never spEak again.

Leave mE alone

in this seLf catering pool,

self satisFying well of

perVerse indigNation.

i loved you when I did, and still do, sometimes.

Now wish you away

like a rotten memory, a forgotten dream . . .

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