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Write Until i Think

More than a few months have passed since that night which was so desolate an affair as to be voiceless in a sea of thoughts. The swarm of thoughts that came to me swayed as if a storm was up and about, battering them with a torrential downpour of ideas that resonated with the words “If Only”. Voices talked about my fear and the accompanying frustration. I wanted to capture time and erase painful memories that stirred up a rage powered by a hundred-and-one repressed emotions and unremembered misdeeds. The most hurtful prose ever written was bursting at its seams in my mind as I fantasised writing word after word, idiom after idiom of savage nothings… Continue reading “Write Until i Think”

The Branch Destroyer

The image I’m trying to conjure in your head is that of a celestial being which ravages little amber fireflies. The red deity could be an oppressor, a sinner, a horrid animal, a cancer or, in my case, The Branch Destroyer. Continue reading “The Branch Destroyer”

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