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Uninspired Hence No Title

But then there are times when my head is bursting with thoughts! Its like a whole different person is sitting in that cranial compartment and pushing all these buttons that make different coloured lights .. well .. light up! Here I am, typing out lexically analysed unplanned words and Mr. Brain up there is already forming sub-conscious, unconscious, promiscuous thoughts that have nothing to do with anything you’re reading now. Is this a rant? You bet! Continue reading “Uninspired Hence No Title”

Learn To Swim !

A teenage crush is getting married. We dated for a few moments. I see photos of her anointed with turmeric paste (confused?) along with compliments from well wishers. And I wonder – has she found a piece of happiness? Sure she has! Continue reading “Learn To Swim !”


In stark contrast to the previous book review – Civilisation and Savages – which spoke about a world with no mothers and test tube babies, this post is about a mother and her child and nothing else of consequence. Continue reading “Room”

Rise Up My Love

In your eyes I can see that you’re breaking up

your thoughts muddled-your hands idle-your spirit quivering-your dreams desperate


a  blank  consciousness


Don’t be the shipwreck, my love

Don’t be the one to regress


Look into a mirror

Where is the person you want to see, my love?

Spread your wings

Shed those tears of pain

Whisper your dreams to the reflection


a glimmer of hope


Rise up, my love

Fly out of your bottomless birdcage

Civilisation and Savages

I read a great vintage novel recently – Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Written way back in 1931, the book illustrates a world more than 500 years in the future. Humans have mastered eugenics – the science of intrusively modifying the human gene pool to stave off regressive traits. Natural selection has all but stopped because people are not born, we are manufactured. Continue reading “Civilisation and Savages”

She kisses me on my cheek as she says goodbye.

Did she kiss the others?

I don’t know if she didn’t and ignorance is bliss!

Say Hello To Sri Lanka !

Sri Lanka! Such a beautiful place! Such peace loving people. Much can be said about this island nation. The local dialect, Sinhalese, is descended from Sanskrit. A brief tour of the country will tell you much about its ancient heritage. Man-made rock formations and frescoes dating back more than 2000 years. The word Sinhalese comes from the root Sinh, which means lion. There is indeed a larger than life sized rock called Sigiriya or Sinh-giriya; Lion-mountain. Continue reading “Say Hello To Sri Lanka !”

Car MashUp!

Flying Rats

Folks, its mating season for pigeons! Everywhere I look, these flying rats are showing off their iridescent feathers. Males are strutting their stuff, females are cooing them on. I also notice an increased likelihood of witnessing pigeon road kill. Maybe this has something to do with trying to dodge a demon car that is one hundred times your size in order to impress the opposite sex. Continue reading “Flying Rats”

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