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21 Days In Bombay – Feature

Today is my 21st day in Bombay. I cried inside a church though I am not religious. I am a humanitarian who shifted from Delhi to Bombay in pursuit of my dreams, just like hundreds of actors before me who came here to achieve their goals. I shed tears due not to sorrow, failure or sadness but courage. I feel proud that I have the strength to pursue what I love. I feel grateful for everything that is helping me. Continue reading “21 Days In Bombay – Feature”

5 Ways To Delay A Motorbike Ride

I like people. There are so many of us. We have varied likes, opinions, manners, characters, colours, habits et al. One thing that unites us regardless of borders or languages is the Greenwich Mean Time. Continue reading “5 Ways To Delay A Motorbike Ride”

Beautiful Bhutan

After two days of strenuous riding, we were finally at the cusp of Bhutan. The scenery and topography had already begun changing. We could see hills in the distance and clouds above the horizon bunched up due to the sudden rise of mountains marking the beginning of the Himalayas. We didn’t expect any challenges today but that didn’t stop a few queer moments from surprising us. Continue reading “Beautiful Bhutan”

Enroute Bhutan

And it was a fine day on which I watched Madaari. Nishikant Kamat’s latest movie about the political circus in India. It builds up to a grand finish in which the Home Minister of Maharashtra spills the beans about corruption rackets. What does this have to do with travelling to Bhutan? Everything and nothing… Continue reading “Enroute Bhutan”

Destination Bhutan

Travelling through Bhutan, I bumped into a few quirky characters. A Bhutanese guy who spoke Hindi with a Bihari accent. A hotel receptionist who found the lack of colour in our riding gear disturbing. A hotel owner who’s nick name was Kabhi-Kabhi. And (my favourite) a fellow who kept a table fan pointed towards his TV set while watching a football match to “keep the players cool” 😀 Continue reading “Destination Bhutan”

Never Leave Me Alone

don’t hAte me, love

i get by on mine oWn

or addle my brAins for

bliGhting your heArt.

Never spEak again.

Leave mE alone

in this seLf catering pool,

self satisFying well of

perVerse indigNation.

i loved you when I did, and still do, sometimes.

Now wish you away

like a rotten memory, a forgotten dream . . .

Uninspired Hence No Two.tle

What follows are the results of this little venture and a bit more. I made up my mind to photograph people and only people and on an overcast day, set out with the Yashica in hand. Continue reading “Uninspired Hence No Two.tle”

My Motorbike Has Two Horns! }:|

So my motorbike was sitting in the workshop being serviced after a rather strenuous ride through Bhutan. One of the two (peep peep) horns stopped working more than a year ago and I never got it repaired because honking is the devil! Before the guys began working on the bike, I pointed it out as a minor inconvenience. It was comical when a mechanic spent more than 15 minutes repairing the horn even after I insisted that it wasn’t necessary. Continue reading “My Motorbike Has Two Horns! }:|”

The Branch Destroyer

The image I’m trying to conjure in your head is that of a celestial being which ravages little amber fireflies. The red deity could be an oppressor, a sinner, a horrid animal, a cancer or, in my case, The Branch Destroyer. Continue reading “The Branch Destroyer”

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