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Beyond Dreams

Dreams have a certain visceral quality. They follow an atypical, unthinking process leading to pragmatic ends. Yet they are nothing if not sensible. An entity of discerning nature may very well glean all the facts there are to know about the dreamer. The instinctive, intimate and fleeting moments constructed in the minutest detail have the power to disrupt reality itself. A mind astray from conscious percepts of its enclosing sphere of tangible information is vulnerable to the onslaught of fantasy – false within the constructs of an objective world but true in the mind of a prophet. Continue reading “Beyond Dreams”

The Branch Destroyer

The image I’m trying to conjure in your head is that of a celestial being which ravages little amber fireflies. The red deity could be an oppressor, a sinner, a horrid animal, a cancer or, in my case, The Branch Destroyer. Continue reading “The Branch Destroyer”

The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything

I saw new born kittens today. I mean genuinely new born kittens. It was dusk and I was on a road around my house, taking a walk.

Out here, in this city, stray cats live in or near dumpsters. Each dumpster is like family territory. Continue reading “The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything”

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