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Complete Your Lies

All of nature’s delights cannot provide the gentle calm of a lover’s embrace. There has never existed a simpler gesture which is more emphatic than a hug. There has also never existed a void larger than the distance between two estranged lovers. Try reaching someone who sits right next to you and is miles away at the same time. It may take no more than a swift swipe of fate to chop a whole into halves.

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जब भी उतरोगे तुम पहाड़ों से

जब भी उतरोगे तुम पहाड़ों से
नीचे बहते ब्यास के कंडे
एक पत्थर मिलेगा पानी में
जी करे तो उठा के रख लेना
टूट कर मैं गिरा था चोटी से!


21 Days In Bombay – Feature

Today is my 21st day in Bombay. I cried inside a church though I am not religious. I am a humanitarian who shifted from Delhi to Bombay in pursuit of my dreams, just like hundreds of actors before me who came here to achieve their goals. I shed tears due not to sorrow, failure or sadness but courage. I feel proud that I have the strength to pursue what I love. I feel grateful for everything that is helping me. Continue reading “21 Days In Bombay – Feature”

She kisses me on my cheek as she says goodbye.

Did she kiss the others?

I don’t know if she didn’t and ignorance is bliss!

Car MashUp!

Too Many Days

One too many days,
Going to sleep thinking about you,
Not waking up by your side,
They have left me numb.
To adorn my mind with your warmth,
I watched your light slip past my fingers,
While your Self looked into me,
Calling me to go through it.
There was a place where we were one,
Where existence meant nothing,
That you will be to the morning,
What wisps of smoke carry for the night.

Going Analog – 35mm Magic

After much ado I finally found a photo studio which developed 35mm film in a city 500 kilometres away. I managed to get 2 rolls processed and scanned before the studio shut shop due to lack of business for 35mm rolls \o/ Continue reading “Going Analog – 35mm Magic”

Stones Ate The Sweets!

I remember when I was a kid, my parents had a mini temple at home. They would pray there every morning. I say ‘they’ and not ‘we’ because
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The Deep End

Today I found myself reminiscing my visits to a certain swimming pool as a kid. This swimming pool was near my grand parents’ house who we visited every summer. Every year my grandmother would pick a self improvement activity for me. That year it was handwriting improvement.
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