All of nature’s delights cannot provide the gentle calm of a lover’s embrace. There has never existed a simpler gesture which is more emphatic than a hug. There has also never existed a void larger than the distance between two estranged lovers. Try reaching someone who sits right next to you and is miles away at the same time. It may take no more than a swift swipe of fate to chop a whole into halves.

It is too short, life is. In contemplation, it is simple enough – be born, live, struggle, eat, sleep, love and travel before passing into the void. But there’s a lot more to it than these mundane niceties, isn’t there? We need a hand to hold on to and a soul to reach out to.

An ignorant person once said that all of creation can be found in a grain of sand and a grain of sand is all of creation. How profoundly stupefying is this assumption. How penetrating yet fictional. The immensity of this revelation, if it is true, makes me want to flee. The fragility of this world we call home, the surety of being a person on this tiny chunk of matter we call Earth is flung out the window. What defines our purpose while this giant rock spins away under our feet and around the sun?

Such thoughts breed a voluminous silence akin to a deep, ripple-devouring lake. As these things go, there is no end to this kind of reverie but one can find a certain measure of peace by peeling away the layers that separate us from our loved ones and confiding our darkest fears in them.

Don’t let the rift of silence divide your oneness, your belief in another. We are all meant to find one that makes us smile with glee and laugh without concern. Find your better half, hold them close, tell them you love them, cry in remorse, love with abandon and, above all, complete one another.

Find solace in the flame of desire and shelter in the shadow of a lovers’s wisdom. Beginnings are always messy just as butterflies were once sloppy. Enjoy the little delights and complete your innocent little lies.