Or do they dream about bananas all night? Or for that matter, do they ever wonder why us humans don’t walk on all fours all the time? The question is not speciesist in nature. Think of it as peeking at the grass on the other side.

Life craves ascendancy. From the cunning rat to the deceptive owl. The humble hare devours carrots by the dozen and the cunning owl masquerades as the breeze to pounce upon the unknowing hare. This is life au naturelReal life.

We humans boast about intellect, our ability to think. We can Reason. We conclude. Then why the tendency to be subjugated by people who are loud, arrogant and brash? Where does this hive mind come from?

They say if you are photographing a landscape or creating art, you should take a step back. Do you ever take a step back to look at the art that is life? Technology is perhaps the greatest artwork ever. It has divided billions while bringing them closer. Can you comprehend the irony of it all? The sheer madness that will ensue when someone someday pulls the plug?

Or maybe there will be no reaction. Our senses will be rubbed out, numb to reality, to feel what is real.

Maybe the plug will never be pulled? Technology is a process that will be seen through to the end. We may end up as cyborgs executing infinite loops or we may end up hibernating on our way to the closest star.

Today at work, I felt a sudden impulse to talk to my neighbour about the rotary cycles we execute day after day. The reality of things that we consider is real is turning into an illusion. One day everything will be created in a petri dish. The creators may knowingly join us because supervising a bunch of walking machines is sure to get boring. Isn’t that the intelligent man’s gift – contempt at the ignoble classes. Or is that a curse?

The reality of the world has started becoming an illusion. Like a mad man babbling to an imagined crowd in an empty elevator. The creators stand behind their pensive faces and twist our thoughts. Wanton destruction of a real person ensues. We follow blindly into the rabbit hole.

There are people I love. Real people who live in the next city, state, country and continent. People who are numbing to life even as we speak everyday. Unable to anymore define what is real and what is becoming a petri dish. Unable to comprehend the gravity of their actions or the futility of their dreams.

Do chimps look at the moon? Or do they dream about bananas all night? Maybe I’m just growing old, becoming too cynical for my own good. Perhaps my eyes are opening to a new type of apathy. Something that chimps can’t yet feel because they can’t put into words the acts of chivalry and debauchery.

Depravity is not the norm, it is the expectation. For chimps and humans alike, degradation is the only possible future. In conclusion, I hope that Jeff Bezos starts delivering bananas to the moon.

Cover photo credit: James Mollison