Eulogies were inscribed today. Eulogies not of people but of jobs. Inscribed not on parchment but in memories. Praises were sung and advice was shared. Moments of joy were relived amid a gathering of colleagues who came to say goodbye. Today we bade farewell to a colleague whose career path led her to a different walk of life.

A wise man once said that beauty is that which attracts your soul. Beauty loves to give and does not ask to receive. Today I found beauty in a person who is full of positive verve. The infectious vibe of positive energy can penetrate forlorn hearts like a rainbow lends colour to a drab, rainy day. It blankets all under a layer of warmth and nurtures hapless saplings which would otherwise shrivel into non-being.

It is a rare quality in people which brings out the good in other people. The zeal to cast a line out into the sea of human despondency is not commonly found in a horde. To bring together different kinds of people, to nurture a bond with each of them, to evoke sincere emotions in all of them and to leave behind a feeling of enchantment speaks volumes about the beauty in such a person.

So here’s to a beautiful soul with everlasting jazz.


Goodbyes are short-lived
And you are a lighthouse that calls straying boats to the shore
So you see, you’re not really going anywhere