The beacon which emanates with fervour from

The depths of my bosom,


I relinquish my hold upon it;

Abdicate my strings to you.


Indifference belies your scrutiny.

I heed the meagre reticence of

Your joyless words.


The lakes in your eyes emit

The gloom of a gray winter twilight.


An anemic waterfall pales my

Lush sentiment.

Thunder muffles the weeping of my

Mourning heart.

An icy stream

Impales my resolve to

Shriek your name

To graze your walls.





You are a fortress!

Rugged and indestructible.

Eons may pass,

But you will not relent.


Bleak was your light,

Shallow were the pools in your eyes.

So I surrendered my sheen to you

And your fortress did reflect

All that was bestowed on you.