It’s that time of the year again when guys ditch the razor for an entire month to become brutish and manly! Aristotle once said “…no man can be trusted if he is without a beard.” While the roots of this mo-vement can be traced back to the times of Plato, social media today has warped the intention of the campaign beyond recognition. Did you know the campaign was originally started to raise awareness about prostate cancer? There is a lot more than meets the eye so here are some mumbo jumbo facts I dug up. Cover image courtesy of original photographer.

1. Karl Marx used beards as a tool for rebellion.

Back in the 19th century large scale industries and factories did not allow workers to grow beards because of the risks of hair getting entangled in the machinery resulting in the loss of money and labour for the industry (who cares about the workers’ lives right?). In order to rebel against these baboon industrialists, Karl Marx encouraged factory workers to grow their beards in direct violation of the rules because nothing screams rebel louder than a scruffy beard.

2. Women can take part as well.

Set aside your hurt sentiments and expressions of ewww-ness for a moment. The intention of the campaign is to have men grow their beards or moustaches in order to raise awareness about cancer. There is a website where men from around the globe can register before letting their facial hair grow thereby becoming ‘mo-bros’ or ‘moustache-bros’. Women can also join the cause and stay away from shaving or waxing or any other form of hair picking for the entire month of November thereby earning the title ‘mo-sistas’. There’s no shame in being natural!

3. The length of your beard has nothing to do with your manliness.

Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that the length of facial hair beards …oops… bears no relation to ‘manliness’. Tests done on multiple men proved that testosterone levels varied from one man to another regardless of the length of their beards. So next time you see a guy with a blue-collar beard, be sure to challenge him to a good old-fashioned hand wrestling match just to be sure.

4. Movember started in Melbourne, Australia in the 20th century.

The campaign called ‘Movember’ was started in Melbourne, Australia in 1999. A group of men decided to grow/cultivate/groom their moustaches in order to raise awareness about prostate cancer. It doesn’t make much sense when said like that – how do moustaches and prostate cancer even fit together? The campaign has grown over the years and has its own website today. All you millennials who are too lazy to google, this is the website.

5. There is a pageant called International Man of Movember.

Believe it or not but there is an International Man of Movember pageant held every year. The winner is chosen from among 21 finalists and he becomes the face of the Movember campaign for an entire year. The first-ever winner was Mark Knight of London back in 2010 – and there are people who think only women gossip.

Now that you know why social media is flooded with photos of unkempt, bearded men in November, go forth and spread the word about ‘No Shave Movember’. Tell everyone about the falsity of the statement ‘moustache maketh man’ – for moustache doth not maketh man as proved by science.