Today is my 21st day in Bombay. I cried inside a church though I am not religious. I am a humanitarian who shifted from Delhi to Bombay in pursuit of my dreams, just like hundreds of actors before me who came here to achieve their goals. I shed tears due not to sorrow, failure or sadness but courage. I feel proud that I have the strength to pursue what I love. I feel grateful for everything that is helping me.

Many people describe Bombay as a tough city. Maybe it is. Yet it has given me so many reasons to love it.

I love observing people. I like to compliment randomly, just to see them smile or even blush. In this city you don’t need to compliment because when you look at them they just smile at you. It’s beautiful.

I love to hug people. People here hug back warmly. It’s beautiful.

Everyday is different whether it’s fun or not.

By the end of the day I have nothing but a good feeling inside me and it’s  beautiful.

These 21  days have been a roller coaster ride and the funny part is that I have been waiting for this ride for a long time. People here are dreamers just like you. Remember this when you feel lonely because amidst the coldness you can find oneness with other dreamers. It’s we who decide what we want to see and experience and I decided to see the best of this city.


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