But then there are times when my head is bursting with thoughts! Its like a whole different person is sitting in that cranial compartment and pushing all these buttons that make different coloured lights .. well .. light up! Here I am, typing out lexically analysed unplanned words and Mr. Brain up there is already forming sub-conscious, unconscious, promiscuous thoughts that have nothing to do with anything you’re reading now. Is this a rant? You bet!

So I was sitting around feeling uninspired when it occurred to me that I could Google photography assignments. Google gave me about 2,08,000 results in 0.41 seconds. Glory to the web crawlers and their obfuscated ways! (sarcasm)

There is a saying – never judge a book by its cover. Has it ever occurred to you that these search engines today do little to enforce this adage? I say this because I clicked on the first 3 (or 4) links based solely upon the beauty of their headings (did I just say that?!)

Web crawlers – so I found a lot of photography assignments on or relating to approaching people. Because that’s how you get those money shots, right? You approach people and pop questions like ‘Hey mister! You are a carpenter and have terribly coarse hands. Mind if I photograph them?’ or ‘That piece of jewellery really outdoes the colour of your hair. Care to be my subject?’.

Now introverts like you (did I say you? I meant me) have a condition, you see. We do not very clearly see the point in making small talk. We see a hazy, out of focus, grey area where a fine point should be (ok that’s it! No more jokes dammit!). Don’t get me wrong. Conversations are lovely – nothing like a philosophical talk about the universe while sitting on a beach under an azure sky. But we’re just not very interested in the nature of your extra-marital affair or the state of affairs in New York (one of these is not small talk and New York isn’t small – just saying). The occasional ‘mm-hmm’ is all you’re getting. Maybe a question or two if we feel jovial.

Photography – So, you see. To approach a subject and ask for permission to photograph them implicitly involves making small talk. Which is difficult. Unless of course your subject happens to be a wall. Walls are terrific listeners. As a solution to this problem I thought – hey! Why not be completely random? You know .. walk up to a stranger and instead of asking for permission, ask for assistance. Ask for their opinion. Compare it to what you already know. Point out something you didn’t know previously. Basically something to get a conversation rolling. Then you tell them you’re photographing people and things because that’s what you do in your free time and before you know it, you’re making new friends. Wait. What? I thought this was about photographs!

Okay. So. Tomorrow is Sunday. Maybe I’ll step out and walk around the city for a while. Make an acquaintance or two. As for now .. Right now I feel like a bike ride. If any of you fabulous readers can control traffic signals, I request greens all the way. Please make it so, if you can. Ciao!