Sri Lanka! Such a beautiful place! Such peace loving people. Much can be said about this island nation. The local dialect, Sinhalese, is descended from Sanskrit. A brief tour of the country will tell you much about its ancient heritage. Man-made rock formations and frescoes dating back more than 2000 years. The word Sinhalese comes from the root Sinh, which means lion. There is indeed a larger than life sized rock called Sigiriya or Sinh-giriya; Lion-mountain. A lion was carved out of mountain rock millenia ago as tribute to Buddhist monks. Buddhism is the blood running in Sri Lanka’s veins. Vehicles are adorned with small little Buddhas to ward off evil. A golden Buddha statue every few kilometers is not a rare sight.

A very well planned holiday, this trip to Sri Lanka was a surprise to our grandmother who turned 80 while we journeyed through Lanka. It was a well orchestrated plan. She was told that we were going to visit Goa and the only people who would come along were her three daughters and husbands. She got more than her fair share of surprises when all of her grandchildren turned up and she was told that we would be flying to Sri Lanka. The facts took a few seconds to sink in and her reactions were that of utter disbelief followed by joyous laughter. It made my day to watch such unbridled joy on her face. She, who has given without conditions.

A detailed description of the trip would run into several posts. So I’m going to keep it simple and provide a quick run through of the notable events on each of the 10 days we spent in Sri Lanka.

A 16th century structure in Galle fort