Folks, its mating season for pigeons! Everywhere I look, these flying rats are showing off their iridescent feathers. Males are strutting their stuff, females are cooing them on. I also notice an increased likelihood of witnessing pigeon road kill. Maybe this has something to do with trying to dodge a demon car that is one hundred times your size in order to impress the opposite sex. Seriously though, what is the matter with these flying buggers? Do you have to sit in the path of an obviously gigantic blob that’s rolling your way? All you male pidjins – honestly – when she doesn’t want to mate she just doesn’t want to … Piling on her doesn’t help one bit!

A few friends and me we were looking for a house to rent a few years ago. The broker/middle man was showing us around one particular house and added a peculiar sentence rather nonchalantly. He said,’Be sure to keep your windows closed unless you want pigeons nesting in your house.’ We rented the place and kept the windows closed while sleeping or whenever no one was home. I woke up one morning to find a pigeon peeping into my room! I mean – imagine making eye contact with a pigeon as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Rather hilarious if you ask me 😀

Whachyoo lookin’ at punk?

A friend sent me a video of a pigeon that thought it was a woodpecker. This obviously young pidjin was intent on testing its beak against a glass window and would get visibly confused when the window was tapped from the inside. I must admit it is strangely gratifying – tapping a window from the inside while an oblivious pigeon casts a curious eye looking for the source of the sound. Get your shit together little pidjins! Look at crows as a guiding light. The no nonsense coat of black and gray, purpose built pointed beak, eyes which radiate animal intelligence. I have never seen crow road kill. Have you? Afterthought – Although I did once see a crow fried between two overhead electricity cables.

Crows seem to understand human body language almost as well as humans. Most pigeons will fly helter skelter if they see a human approaching from a mile away, regardless of the human’s intentions. Crows on the other hand, they observe intelligently and make accurate decisions about the human’s intentions. Eye contact plays an important role I suppose. Many a crow are startled if  you make eye contact suddenly and deliberately, even if it is sans body movement. And oh! The flying. How they swoop down on unsuspecting rats, dropping 50 feet in the blink of an eye! They pull off impossible manoeuvres when engaged in aerial battles.

Oh I’m just catching a flight to coo-coo island

I remember walking home from school one day and seeing this crow sitting on a branch. It was belligerently cawing away for who knows what reason but in that moment, the cawing sounded symphonic, beautiful even. Friends had a good laugh over the idea of me staring at a crow from under the tree – it does conjure up a funny picture, depends on how you look at it.