After much ado I finally found a photo studio which developed 35mm film in a city 500 kilometres away. I managed to get 2 rolls processed and scanned before the studio shut shop due to lack of business for 35mm rolls \o/

Anyhow, here are the results for all to see. I’ve selected some of the better shots from the 2 rolls. Mind you, I was shooting on film that expired 3 years ago. The resulting photos didn’t have good contrast or color saturation. Perhaps a different development process would have compensated for this?

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The horizontal lines you see in some images were caused by a combination of the rolls being expired and passing through baggage scanning x-ray at airports.

The analog experience is rather thrilling. I’ve shot with digital cameras in manual mode and have been able to adjust parameters until the shot was well balanced. Its a good medium to learn and grasp the essentials. On film though, the excitement of viewing developed photos is special. Every shot was deliberated upon, composed and metered meticulously (in-the-moment shots don’t count). I find an emotional connect to every photo. I’m no purist – digital and analog are two different mediums for two different purposes.