Today I almost lost my phone. Imagine you’re sitting in a food court eating chicken wings with a friend, you reach into your pocket and find nothing but air. Maybe the phone shifted sideways while you were sitting, try digging a bit deeper.

Its.   Not.   There.

Your stomach sinks and your heart skips a beat. The innermost layers of my subconscious seemed to say one word; God-dammit! Almost immediately, paranoia took hold as I thought about all the songs, all the recordings, all the photos, all the doodles, all the contacts, all the apps, the myriad drafts, the flash light, the beautiful cover encasing the outer shell, the diagonal crack on the screen… Basically everything that wasn’t on the cloud. My friend seemed content with chicken wings while I mentally did all the permutations and combinations. Where had I last looked at the screen? Where had I last seen the phone? Where did I last keep my phone. The last question was difficult to answer – I pretty much always keep it in my pocket. Or on the bed when I’m sleeping. And on the table when its charging. Meandering… So it was realised to me that my phone was on an adjoining table where I had been sitting waiting for said friend. While waiting I decided to change tables because why not? And while changing tables I left my phone lying around on the old table.

God.   Dammit.

There was a Zen like calm once I saw that the phone was no longer on the adjoining table. My conscious thoughts went something like “Phuket” and that was that. I told my friend to try calling my phone. It was not reachable. Hear ye – the world is a cruel place for lost little phones. We marvelled in awe at the sheer brutality of misplacing a phone filled with so many memories and … you get the picture. Nothing much left to do except enjoy lemon soda and chicken wings.

Oh The Irony !

This very morning I found a killer deal on a phone I had been looking to pick up. I placed an order for the phone on the internet and the same day my old phone vanishes -__-

Irony – thou art a cruel friend

I was going to review CCTV footage with the help of security personnel when my friend tried calling my phone once again. There was a ringtone this time but I had low hopes. That changed to a quickening pulse when someone picked up the phone and outright jubilation when they told me that they were on the second floor in the same building 😀 I met the guy and thanked him a hundred and one times and invited him to dinner but he said that he was just doing his job. He was Mall Security. We said our good byes and he turned around to save other phones in need of saving. There was some print on the back of his shirt – do you know what it read? It read “Grabbit!. Yes, like “grab the phone” or “grab the phone before someone steals it”. Phew! The irony just killed me today!