Absent minded, talking on the phone, I felt the weight of eyes upon me. It was a train station, many people exchanging glances, so didn’t think twice about it. I had been standing at the same spot for quite some time now, facing the same wall, on my phone all the while. It was curiously irritating to feel watched for so long so I turned around to look at my visual assailant square in the eyes. It was a security guard. He gave me a suspicious look and walked away. Mentally shrugging, turned back to the conversation and the wall and realised why I had piqued the guard’s interest. The spot on the wall I had been facing, had a poster on it. The poster showcased three men wanted for unintelligible crimes. The watchful security guard had probably judged me a dubious character based on my choice in posters!

I laughed aloud at the thought. Staring at a most wanted poster, I had culminated into a suspicious individual! Most intriguing and insightful episode, this. Interesting is the society-inherent concept of right and wrong. The altering of social psychology due to … a lapse of concentration coupled with a rationalising mind.