Not knowing their purpose, our actions are repeated.

I have an activity for you. Its a DIY. Psst… All the lazy bums out there – all you need is something to write with and something to write on. Starting this very moment, make a note of what you are doing. Now don’t go on and write, “Reading a blog!” or “Wondering what this is about”. No. You write about the intrinsic activity.

Let me explain. You wake up everyday, buzz eyed and frizzy haired. You drink a cup of copy or you eat some fruits. You head to work or you lie in bed all day. At this point, the more observant readers would have noticed the patterns of a self-improvement rant. Bingo! You navigate away or you read on 😀

Approximately 365.38 days ago, I was watching TV. Now, undoubtedly, the idiot box has brought fortune and fame to millions! For less fortunate people such as this writer, it is a DIY zombie maker. TV numbed my brain to real stimuli. I found my head filled with utterly nonsensical monologue until one day I realized that things needed to be changed.

So it was decided! I would no longer fill my head with half baked nonsense from a TV. Instead, I would fill my head with equally half baked nonsense from another source – the Internet. Thus began the unknowing tumble into innumerable viral videos and scrolling through used and reused memes and procrastination in general.

Soon enough, it struck me – I had left the path of the DIY zombie maker only to find myself headed towards the same brick wall albeit on a different path. Now before I decided to remedy the situation, I took this thought one step further.

Everything in our lives and beyond them rotates in a circle. Night and day arrive in circles of time. Night and day are caused by our planet being a circle (in 3 dimensions). We eat and we work and then we sleep everyday – in circles. Plants die and become a herbivore’s diet, herbivores die and satisfy a predator’s hunger – the circle of life. Planets rotate around stars, stars rotate inside galaxies.

A popular belief nowadays is that time is linear – it moves in a straight line. Some theories imply that not only is time travel not possible, it is time itself that does not flow forward or backward – it flows at a steady pace in one direction. Ancient civilizations – I talk about ancient Indian and Mayan civilizations – believed that time does not move in a straight line. They believed that time moves in circles, that time repeats itself.

Entire prophecies are built upon this belief. Rebirths of demons and gods are predicted by plotting dates on a circular calendar. It is said that messiahs will be reborn and anti-christs will drown the world in chaos. Perhaps we are destined to orbit our fates, never quite getting there, and never moving away. We will encounter the same people through multiple reincarnations. When the stars align, which they always do, the same events will repeat – with or without our knowing.

So – starting this very moment, make a note of what you are doing. Observe the patterns, the circles in your lives. These circles may, ironically, point you in a different (better?) direction.