I remember when I was a kid, my parents had a mini temple at home. They would pray there every morning. I say ‘they’ and not ‘we’ because

I would just stand around with my eyes closed and hands folded in a namaste, while my brain pondered how exactly was one supposed to pray to someone who was a stone statue.

Noticing my lack of faith, my mother decided to make things more believable. Offerings of fruits and sweets were usually given to these God statues. It was more of a gesture really because those stone blocks were obviously never going to literally eat…right?

One fine morning, we finished the morning prayers and offered a box of sweets to our resourceful gods. And then my mother said, ‘If God has heard our prayers then these sweets will be eaten by Him!’. Of course I never really believed that, but being all of 6 years old, my mother’s words piqued my interest.

The day carried on and I went to school and forgot about sweet-eating stones. When I got back home that evening, I had no recollection of the magical event which was to transpire that day. My mother sent me on an errand which brought me close to the mini temple and then I saw… With eyes wide open… A bite had been taken. The Sweets and their packaging had been shuffled around and one single glorious God like bite had been taken out of the sweets.

It was jubilation! God Ate The Sweets! God Ate The Sweets! I ran back to the family and screamed my surprise out for everyone to hear. Not for one second did I think that someone other than the stone blocks could have taken that bite. Such are childhood beliefs.