I did it! I’m on my way back to the stone age! This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the past few months!

A brand-new-40-year-old Yashica Electro 35 GSN is now one of my most prized possessions!!!

A thousand and one thanks go out to Mario Yusuf Germino, Google, Matt’s Classic CamerasYashica Guy and the myriad sites about the how-tos and why-tos of analog film photography.

I’m all for retro when it comes to motorbikes and cameras. When unknown voices inside and outside my head started talking about buying a new camera, I was thinking of a practical DSLR with a kit lens – the usual shebang. A couple of months ago, I visited my parents and sifted through old dusty boxes full of old forgotten things. I found a leather case that struck me as being familiar. Upon opening it, I found my father’s (maybe) 20 year-old film SLR.

He was quite the enthusiast and even printed out a few of the most amazing clicks – some of them hanging in frames around the house. This SLR became the bug that bit me! I couldn’t stop thinking about the retro charm of shooting on film!

The clicking of the film winding mechanism, the clunk of the shutter exposing the film, the mystery of not knowing what the photo would look like!

These cameras are quite inconspicuous – not easy to hear or see unless you’re looking out for one. There aren’t any high pitched whines or dull thunks as the camera captures a shot. You can see I was easily swept away by the idea of going analog.

But the shift happened gradually. My focus on DSLR kit lens combinations dwindled and gave way to fixed lens specialized cameras. I found myself skimming through magazines and web pages and running from shops to malls gaping at the immense variety.

I finally was able to grasp the meaning of all those alien looking numbers inscribed on a lens. The sheer range of available options was mind boggling! Zoom lenses, 50mm, CMOS sensors, anti-shake lenses, box cams, monster sized DSLRs —- AAAGGGGHHHH!!

I would have probably given up and ended the search altogether when a tiny link on an obscure web page caught my attention. It was tucked away in a corner and would probably go unnoticed for that reason. It spoke about the uses of film in this modern digital age. It was simple and convincing. Thus began the search for a film camera.

Watch this space for more on how I found the camera, DIY repairs, endless nights and cricks in the back, the film hunt and the final moment of the first click!

Going Analog Part 2